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Get a WebCraftive powered Website for a smarter web presence!

As our valuable design customer, you can now exclusively
benefit from our website power package. The web power
package gives you
Free Website design

(Free custom design to improve your existing website, with fresh new graphics, colours and even navigation)

(Top quality content management system)

(To update, manage and maintain your website, from anywhere and anytime, without any technical knowledge.)

Already, at Logo Design Pros, we offer both these services at low prices, compared to anywhere online. But exclusively for our website design customers, we're offering the web power package for an Unbelievable low price

Free Website Redesign £499
WebCraftive System £1199

£1698£1199 Total

Cavin Reit, a real estate agent, says, "our work requires us to update our website weekly as there is a constant fluctuation in the real estate prices. WebCraftive has made my life real easy. I can update & manage the content of my website very easily--in fact, it's as simple as using Microsoft Word! I can add and delete pages, upload the pictures and update the text from anywhere. It's like I've the remote control for my web. And the best part is, I got it at a really affordable price from Logo Design Pros. I would highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues."


WebCraftive can enable and empower you to update, maintain & manage your website content from anywhere
and anytime you want. All you would need is internet access. It's as simple as using Microsoft Word, or writing an email
to a friend.


You can change/edit the content of your website
anytime you want

You can add unlimited pages to your website

You can upload as many photos you want on your gallery


You can save hundreds of dollars monthly on maintenance and edits of your website

Provides an enhanced content security system

Why get a Website?

  Keep up with the latest design trends and technologies


Website is the most cost effective tool of marketing your product and services. The benefits of a website are not one dimensional, the ways it can help a business is endless and everyone can benefit from it. Whether big or small, each business needs to have a strong website that would give a detailed overview about its services. To create a lasting impression of the business on the minds of the onlooker, a website should be creative, focused and engrossing. A bad design can baffle your customers and drive them away.

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