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What Is Included In The Animated Video Service Package?

Our expert content writers prepare a precise and quality script for your video according to your requirements. They highlight the focal point of the video in a creative manner and choose words that best describe your business.

Our concept team provides a unique storyboard. It is prepared according to the nature of your video - promotional or corporate, conventional or humorous - we portray the right image of your business

At Logo Design Pros, we select the best voice to suite your custom animated video. Our voice-overs are clear and full- of-expressions. This adds worth to your video and makes it easier for you to convince your target customers.

When we are done with the script writing, storyboarding and voice-over, our expert team of animators then execute everything to perfection and provide you nothing but the best in the world of animations

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  • I have seen the video it is great Thank you so much for your great support And this animated video will be in my website And my website youtube

    Mohammad ALAbed
    Sales Geo

  • I just watched the video animation and it is great! I am very excited of how the animation turned out.

    Clayton Eigenmann
    Onsite Grid

  • I love all my projects created with LOGO DESIGN PRO team. Great Job!

    Dominique Nicole
    Strung Up

  • The video functions as an extremely powerful tool for Auto Go Mobile, listing its features and benefits in a very explanatory manner for customers.

    Auto Go Mobile, LLC.

  • Enterprise Software Packaging animated video is an effective explanation of how ESP helps streamlining the software needs of an organization.

    Enterprise Software Packaging

  • The video highlights the services being offered by Ambulance Cars in a highly innovative manner, giving a creative edge to it. It starts with defining the business’ objectives and its target audience. To keep the crisp alive, the video swiftly switches to the services being offered by Ambulance Cars and how the business is different from its competitors

    Ambulance Cars



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Latest Article

Making Websites Simpler, Attractive and Interactive with Custom Animated Videos

Animated videos are used by business worldwide for communicating with their clients and customers. These videos are placed on the websites as an alternative to textual content and are used for promotion and advertisement purposes. Custom animated videos play a vital role in simplifying business processes to customers. Business websites, which contain a large amount of textual content and complex data information, remain unnoticed by customers.

That is why animated videos are placed to ease their fatigue of reading the entire content and making these websites more attractive and interactive. Complicated business models are simplified through custom animated videos and help make business websites more interactive and user-friendly. Thus, custom animated videos help businesses to simplify their business processes for customers and improve the overall design element of the website.

At Logo Design Pros we believe in optimizing your business process and making things easier for your customers to ensure regular visits. LDP UK has the most creative animated video makers within the animation industry for your corporation. Unlike other animated video makers in the industry, Logo Design Pros offers exclusive and custom animated video service for your corporate website to attract viewers and retain your existing customers. Our team of professional animation video makers follows 4 steps for crafting your custom animated videos.

Step 1: Script Writing for Your Video

In order to provide a comprehensive framework for your animated video, our experienced and professional content writers write a perfect script for your custom animated video. The script ensures that it highlights your business model while defining your products and services. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of your script or you think that something important has been left out, you can always send your script for revisions and amendments. Once your script is finalized, it is sent for storyboarding, which is the next step in design your custom animated video.

Step 2: Relating your script to a storyline Stories last much longer in the minds of customers than simple information and when these stories are presented in an animated video with characters it simply improves their retention. Keeping this point under consideration, we ensure we prepare our storyboard in a way that it completely redefines story for your brand. Our belief is to give a positive brand identity within the market and improve the credibility of your corporation. When custom animated video is backed by a strong storyline it improves your brand retention.

Step 3: Voice-over and sound effects

Once the storyline and characters are finalized they are sent for a voice-over, which is the next step to your custom animated video. To create a solid brand image and a persuasive video, we have got professional voice-over artists with years of experience. Our voice over are clear, loud and exhibit a convincing style to create a lasting impression on the mind of your customers.

Step 4: Finalizing the Animated Video Creation

Once we are done with the script, storyboard and voice-over, our animators then execute everything with perfection. This custom animated video will help clarify your business processes and assist customers through the purchase process.

Most business websites today are low on design and high on textual content which confuses the users. To make these sites more interactive, Logo Design Pros offers a vast area of improvement by providing custom animated video services like no other.


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