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GDC Loan Facility
 Graphic Design Customer Loan Facility

100% Interest Free Loan Facility
for your designing needs at
Logo Design Pros

Order at Logo Design Pros now to avail our exclusive GDC loan facilty brought to you in association with Fortune Financing. It's preapproved & completely interest free loan facility through which you automatically qualify for a loan of £600 and above. Its devised to ease payment loads and design requirements of all Logo Design Pros customers

Salient Features of GDC Loan Facility

Exclusive Features Eligibility
No Interest rate charges All Clients of Logo Design Pros from any country, region and nationality are eligible for this loan
No loan aquisation or any
other fees charge
For both need and non need basis
Repayment in 12 months
with 1 month grace period
Credit check not required
You can easily take loan
of £600 and above
Individuals, Small-Medium and Large Businesses are all Eligible for this Loan

Loan process

GDC Loan Facility has an efficient and simple process. As the loan is
pre-approved, your order is a part of your loan formalities.
Order at Logo Design Pros by selecting your desired package
  1. That's it! you are now eligible to avail our GDC Loan Facility. Yes, it's really that simple!

"I wanted a logo design for my company but later I decided to get myself a website; for that i needed to upgrade my package. My Budget was not that great but thanks to Logo Design Pros GDC Loan Facility, I got my perfect design solution with least affect on my pocket, i paid my design payments in easy installments with no interest charges! I trusted Logo Design Pros and they trusted me, apparently this is what good business is all about. I would surely recommend Logo Design Pros to my colleagues and friends"

Case Study

Mr. Martin Graf got Start up Package for his logo designing needs, but then he decided to take his brand to a more advanced level, for that he needed to upgrade his package.

Martin needed a complete brand collateral, so the package that suited him the best was Comprehensive 1, which was
not in his budget. So he opted for our GDC Loan Facility, through which he got a loan of £600 and got his desired package.

So by paying just $399 more, he upgraded to a package that covered every aspect of his brand image!

From Startup to Comprehensive1
by just paying £399 more


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